Our Purpose

To support humanity’s and the planet's healing journey through living foods. We live by example and inspire others to be their own healers and active stewards of the planet. We believe Mother Nature is our most powerful healer, and food is our first medicine. When we are healthier and happier, so is our planet. 

From My Heart to Yours

-Ginga Beleza, Founder and CEO of Growing Together

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Photos provided by Ivy Vainio, Daniel Oyinloye & Growing Together

  • CBD: Locally Grown Products and Partnerships (Coming Soon)

    HEMP IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING PLANTS ON THE PLANET!!! And it’s so helpful in your body’s healing journey.  I believe in the power of hemp and want to share its benefits with you in full potency, so we are developing partnerships with the best hemp farmers in Minnesota to bring you the finest hemp to and create products that nourish and support your bodies needs!

  • SEEDS: Farmer Grown Tried and True (Coming Soon)

    We are now operating as a seed and fermentery farm! We will be growing our produce, fruit, herbs, and flowers for SEEDS to sell to the public and our fine kombuchas and fermented foods. I've been cultivating my seed bank for the last three years, carefully selecting the most resilient and largest of the harvest to offer you the best seed genetics for our region's climate.